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     Crimson Trace’s commitment is to make you a better shooter. To that end, they produce industry-leading products proven to help shooters at every skill level achieve greater speed, accuracy, and confidence.
Lasergrips     Lasergrips stand apart as the world's only grip-integrated laser sight; combining activation switch, laser diode, and power source into a rugged, comfortable grip. Installation is quick and easy, so you'll be up and running in minutes. Activating the laser is even easier. Just grab your gun and aim the way you normally would - the laser is activated instinctively with normal grip pressure. Unlike many similar products in the industry, the laser's point of aim is user - adjustable.
     Crimson Trace makes a wide range of Lasergrips specifically designed to fit many popular firearms models. In most cases they can be installed quickly and easily by the gun owner with just a screwdriver.
     Lasergrips are precision engineered and expertly manufactured to exacting tolerances.  They’ll fit your gun just like factory grips, so you don’t have to worry about a loose fit or learning to shoot with a completely new feel to your gun.
     Whether you want faster low-light targeting, enhanced personal defense capabilities, or just an exciting new shooting experience, Lasergrips will give you confidence in your ability to shoot well, regardless of the situation.

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